2014 Christmas Light Show

Christmas on Court Street

Past Years


  • Ran the show off of a 6 channel sequence box from Menards that had pre-set music programmed. 


  • Added the "Mistletoe Tunnel"


  • Started converting to LED lights
  • Purchased & restored the 100 year old sled


  • Purchased our first Light-O-Rama light controller box for 16 programmable channels total
  • Added permanent building speakers


  • Upgraded to 4 light controller boxes for 64 channels total
  • Added 12' wreath
  • Finished the 100 year old sled now on display
  • Added the trailer


  • Added 1 light controller box for 80 channels total
  • Made the website


  • Added a second 12' tree, second house wreath, snowflake projector.


  • Ran the Halloween show for the first year which also allows us to set up some of the core footprint a bit earlier while the weather is still nice out. 
  • Added 8 additional channels for our first RBG LED lighting. These 8 floodlights can create millions of colors as they sequence with the rest of the show.


  • Increased the Halloween show to feature 3 animatronics each with an interactive activation button to allow customers to control them. 
  • Added our first RGB pixel tree with 400 individual channels that allows us to create shapes and sequences on a 8' tall tree. 
  • Added a third 12' tree. No idea where to put it for 2018. 


  • Doubled the pixel tree to create a 13' 800 pixel mega tree
  • Built interactive buttons so you can hear Santa read you a Christmas story or control certain lights
  • Started live streaming online during the show


  • Rotated out some new & old items


  • Added 9' tall scale walkthrough ornament